Republicans Lose the (Dance) Floor


Sara Evans, Republican, country music star, Dancing with the Stars competitor and — more to the point —Tom DeLay's not-so-secret weapon for inspiring "good American values" in the reality-TV watching public, has filed for a good American divorce. She's also pulling out of the competition. E! has the sordid details:

According to the petition filed in Williamson County, Tennessee, Schelske was keeping a stash of porn on his computer, including at least 100 pictures depicting him fully nude and several showing him engaged in sex with other women.

Says her soon-to-be ex, a former GOP Senatorial Candidate:

"I have made the decision to forgive Sara for the unfortunate campaign that she and her publicity advisers are currently waging."

I feel more American already. The worst part for Hammer fans? Jerry Springer is still in the game.

DeLay's endorsement here.