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David Weigel takes the wayback machine to a time many macacas ago, when an embarrassing number of people actually thought George Allen had a shot at becoming president.

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  1. Only one problem with the premise……George Allen still has a shot at becoming president.

    I can’t believe how naive you people are. ‘They’ run essentially a republican against Allen, and have him hash all of this racist stuff out two years before the presidential election. In 2008 when the Democrats bring it up, the Allen campaign can designate it as an “old” issue. All that is accomplished AND Allen still has a double digit lead. You guys couldn’t see a Rovian plot if it hit you over the head.

    (of course I don’t believe a word I just typed, but hey, its been a slow morning around here)

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would find George Allen an appealing candidate. He has absolutely no major accomplishments to his name. His views are almost identical to W’s, which is NOT what the GOP will want in 2008.

    But he’s still really popular among the social conservatives who W made the base of his party. If Allen were to get the nomination for his views alone, they might as well nominate one of the senators from Idaho or Wyoming. Why Allen instead of Larry Craig or Michael Enzi? Because he’s good looking.

    If the social conservatives remain the base of the GOP after the inevitable bitchslapping the Republicans get three weeks from now, it will be a sure sign that the party leadership has abandoned any real interest in libertarian values. And the patrons of this website– not to mention most sensible Americans– will officially be homeless.

  3. panurge,

    It’s a contest among Republican kingmakers to see who can bully the press into plumping for the most repulsive candidate by accusing them of disrespecting the South.

    Whattsamatter, Mr. Harvard Journalism School, you don’t LIKE it when Senator Allen spits tobacco juice towards small girls on camera?

    No, no, I consider it a refreshing view into the soul of the Real America , a better America that I can never, ever be a part of. Really, God as my witness, I do!

    I don’t know…You still look like a snob to me. See how he just called that Indian kid a name? Do you think that’s racist? Do you, Frenchie?


  4. Well, we’ve already had one mediocre, pampered, intellectually lazy, blue-state coastal frat-boy/crony capitalist passing himself off as a Dixie son-of-the-soil make it as President, and even get re-elected. It didn’t seem a stretch to think that a second one could get voted in.

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