Active Grandparenting: Ova the line?


Someone get Leon Kass a drink:

A Japanese woman in her 50s gave birth to her own grandchild last year, using an egg from her daughter and sperm from her son-in-law, a doctor has revealed.

Dr Netsu said the woman had first registered the baby as her own and then the child was adopted by her daughter and son-in-law.

Whole thing here.

More adventures in ova exchange here.

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  1. Someone get Leon Kass a drink:

    I wonder what would happen if you cloned Leon Kass?

  2. That should get the fundies stirred up!

  3. That should get the fundies stirred up!

  4. Does Ray Stevens get royalties for this?

  5. If we cloned Leon Kass, then dozens of him could spend the last decades of their lives infirmed and tied to machines while their brains slowly shrank away. I would wheel all of their hospice beds into a large field or parking lot and use their decrepit, drooling, bedridden forms to spell out the words “human dignity” big enough so that it could be seen from the ISS.

    I would probably also give into the urge to piss on a few of them.

  6. This adds a new twist to the “I am my own grandpa” song. Time for a Muppet Show clip!

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