Does the Left Hand Know What the Right Hand's Doing?


Ampersand of Alas, a Blog has been catching serious flak from his large feminist audience for cutting a deal with pr0n websites to boost their Google rankings via links from his own highly-linked site.
Brandon Berg at Catallarchy explains why, even if you think pornography is teh evil!!!, the rage is misplaced:

Search-engine optimization is a negative-sum game. By increasing his search engine rankings, one pornographer can take business away from other pornographers, but total revenues for the pornography industry as a whole remain the same. The net effect on the pornography industry is negative–their costs go up due to rent-seeking, but their revenues stay the same–so even though Ampersand is helping some pornographers, that benefit is more than offset by the harm he's doing to others. In effect, he's taking money out of the pockets of pornographers and using it to publish feminist propaganda!