I Have a Dream…of a Nation Where the Sons of Former Slaves Practice Voting Fraud As Effectively As the Sons of Former Slave Owners


A Justice Department voting fraud case in Mississippi offers an interesting twist on the usual story, charging black Democratic Party operatives with suppressing the votes of Noxubee County's white minority:

[Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Ike] Brown is accused in the lawsuit and in supporting documents of paying and organizing notaries, some of whom illegally marked absentee ballots or influenced how the ballots were voted; of publishing a list of voters, all white, accompanied by a warning that they would be challenged at the polls; of importing black voters into the county; and of altering racial percentages in districts by manipulating the registration rolls….

Up and down South Jefferson Street…in the old brick commercial district, the white merchants refused to be quoted, for fear of alienating black customers. "There's a lot of voting irregularities, but that's all I'm going to say," one woman said, ending the conversation abruptly.