With Partisans Like This…(Self-Hatred Edition)


UPI is reporting on a new Gallup Poll which finds that 19 percent of Republicans have "no favorable views" regarding…the Republican Party.

But wait: The same survey found that 21 percent of Democrats are equally self-loathing.

Gallup reports that 63 percent of GOPpers have nothing good to say about Dems and that 70 percent of Dems had nothing good to say about Republicans.

Based on the short article about the poll, it wasn't clear whether how any of these sentiments stack up against historical proclivities.

More here.

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  1. But wait: The same survey found that 21 percent of Democrats are equally self-loathing.

    Sure, but a lot of Democrats are into self-loathing.

  2. Like I said before: same shit, different piles.

  3. Maybe that means that 40% of the voting population would vote Libertarian if they knw it existed or was “electable”, noting that 40% of the vote in a three way race is “electable”.

    On the other hand, it may be that 40% of the population are masochists. They are after all part of a party they can’t say anything good about.

  4. I was going to say that it probably means that 40% wants their party to move further to hard left or hard right, but the article doesn’t point to that. Really the article says that the leadership is the problem. I think that implies that they believe what their party’s opposition says, but, for whatever reason, they stick with their party.

  5. Hmmmmm, thinking about it now it looks like the proper number is about 20%, not about 40%.

    Assume the Rep’s and Dem’s each have 50% of the voters, and for math purposes there are only 100 voters total. 20% of 50=10. 10+10=20.

    Oops. 😮

  6. How do we convince the other 80 percent?

  7. But wait: The same survey found that 21 percent of Democrats are equally self-loathing

    Once the democrats get less then expected results this comming election my i be the first to suggest rather then joining the democrtatic party as joe and kos has been preposing that instead we begin in poach voters over to our way of thinking.

    Viva la grande “L”

  8. joshua corning-

    Why should the Dems join the LP when they’ve already got an organization that can’t win anything?

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