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David Mark, author of the great cover story in the November issue of Reason, "Attack Ads Are Good For You: In Praise of Negative Campaigning," and of the excellent new book, Going Dirty, will appear on C-SPAN this Monday at 9:30AM to discuss his story. So check it out, why don't you?

The November issue is on newsstands now and is chock full of other great material too: Tim Cavanaugh's blistering review of Alan Moore's new porno comic book; Dave Weigel's profile of Rep. Butch Otter, the libertarian-leaning congressman who is about to become the next governor of Idaho; Jacob Sullum's review-essay on books dealing with the overwrought "obesity epidemic"; Katherine Mangu-Ward's dilation on "how the upper crust eats"; an excerpt from New York Post columnist and former Reason intern Ryan Sager's excellent new study of GOP politics, The Elephant in the Room: Libertarians, and the Battle to Control the Republican Party; and much, much more.

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  1. Butch Otter is a protectionist; check his CAFTA vote (and floor statement). Apparently Idaho sugar beets are more important to him than the freedom of exchange. Libertarian-leaning my ass.

  2. David Mark is an author with a new book out. The Reason cover story and his appearance on CSPAN are just efforts to pimp his book. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I just object to the title of this post. David is not representing Reason, I doubt the magazine will even be mentioned.

  3. Hey, take off that veil right now!

  4. I’d find it very difficult not NOT vote for someone named Butch Otter.

    Hell, lets elect him prez. That’ll scare the shit out of the terrorists.

  5. Butch Otter on civil rights:

    * Voted NO on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)
    * Voted YES on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. (Sep 2004)
    * Voted YES on protecting the Pledge of Allegiance. (Sep 2004)
    * Voted YES on constitutional amendment prohibiting flag desecration. (Jun 2003)
    * Supports anti-flag desecration amendment. (Mar 2001)
    * Rated 20% by the ACLU, indicating an anti-civil rights voting record. (Dec 2002)

    Must be a very slightly libertarian-leaning conservative.

  6. I thought my Reason subscription had expired but I just got the Nov. issue in my mailbox. Is there any way to tell how many issues I have left on my subscription by looking at the address label, like on my Liberty subscription?


    Check out above.
    Note I have split it so it will not give the soiver squoills heah diarrhea nor post traumatic stress. You must reassemble/reconnect it.

    Hey. I’m out there trying to earn a little commish pushing Reason.
    That and snorkelling for coins in the wish-fountains are parts of the fastidious financial planning for the retirement of moi and the Little Woman.
    If the cover girl pluckin’ the petals off the daisy don’t frost your balls, it’s because you are too steenking young.
    Bill Moyers. You still steenk.

  8. Are we having a problem with Butch or Otter?

    Among the Cherokee roots of my genealogy was the name, Otter-Tail?

    Hell, I’m practically a George Felix Allen married to a Gracie Burns, eh?

    Am I a real live nephew of my Uncle Sam or what?

  9. I didn’t get into Zappa until I was a high schooler in the early 1970s, but I knew about the Mothers. Like all important esoteric knowledge, I found it in the pages of a comic book, while I was waiting to get my crew cut retouched at Larry’s Barber Shop. This ad for We’re Only In It For The Money ran in issues published in 1967. Now, there were some college kids getting high and reading Doctor Strange back then, but the pre-teen market demo bought the bulk of comics back then.

    I had a buddy on the debate team at my Catholic High School who used to bring in cassette tapes of his LPs of Zappa, Beefheart and the Fugs. We’d play them after school in the room the Debate Nun got built in the back of the study hall.

    Yeah, we were goofing off, but we won. A lot.


  10. Ignoratio elenchi!

    [Hits kevrob with ruler.]

  11. I always thought the Daisy Girl ad would have been more interesting in retrospect if, instead of having LBJ speak on the “stakes” of peace and security over the mushroom cloud footage, we had him saying, “Just get me elected; I’ll give you your damn war…”

  12. Wasn’t the Daisy Petal Plucking youngster among the first, (and possibly most effective), TV attack ads ever run?

    In the Lyndon Johnson/Barry Goldwater campaign?

    And didn’t it give us Lyndon Johnson . . .again, with his simultaneous wars on drugs and poverty, with Lady Birds’s distaste for auto junk yards, and her vision of our “Grest Society”, and instead of deterring it, an escalating Viet Nam war???

    Instead of the mushroom cloud over her shoulder, how about morphing it into a turban with a bomb in it?

    Either side can claim ownership if it’ll just get people off their butts and think further into the future than the first week in November.

  13. Buckshot-Should be a month and year listed right there on the label above the address. That’d be it.

  14. Everytime I hear that hypocrite Bill Moyers pontificating on the evils of money in political campaigns, I just want to reach through my TV screen or radio speaker, grab him by the throat, and shake him until he admits it was his fault that the Daisy Ad ran. Bastard.

    Maybe he has `fessed up somewhere. Anyone know?


  15. Reason on C-SPAN, Monday, 9:30AM-10:00AM ET (Veiled Subscription Pitch)

    It’s easy to subscribe (or to renew your existing sub). For more info, just click here. And if you’re interested in getting the electronic edition of Reason delivered directly into your inbox, then go here.

    That’s one skimpy non-wahhabi veil.

  16. Maybe he has `fessed up somewhere. Anyone know?

    He has expressed regret for spreading rumors about homosexuals on Goldwater’s campaign staff. However this is likely more about liberal guilt about slandering gays (something that everybody thought differently about in 1964) than regret about dirty tricks.

    I must say I find that I can’t stand the smarmy self-righteous tone of Moyers’ voice but he did say some nice things about Ed Clark and the LP in 1980.

  17. Just wanted to mention that I got my Nov. issue and enjoyed it.

    Was really torn by the Butch Otter profile — at first I was thinking, “Yeah, we need more politicos like this” and later it was, “Hmm, he may be libertarian-leaning sometimes, but he doesn’t seem to be very consistent, principle-wise.”

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