Attn, DC Reasonoids: "Peace Voter's Dilemma," Mon., Oct. 9


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I'm moderating this sure-to-be-interesting panel next week in DC. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair.

VotersForPeace Forum: "The Peace Voter's Dilemma"

Monday, Oct 9, 2006
"Meet and Greet" @ 5:30pm
Panel begins @ 6:00pm

Busboys & Poets, Langston Room
14 & V St. NW

Join anti-war commentators across the political spectrum in a dialogue about how the occupation of Iraq is changing our political landscape and challenging the emerging bloc of peace voters. How are political parties responding to the new "peace voter"? If a majority of Americans are now against the US occupation of Iraq, why are most leading candidates so tepid about taking an anti-war stance? What is a peace voter to do? What does the peace voter dilemma tell us about the state of our democracy? What can be done to restore accountability and responsiveness to our political system?

Host: Linda Schade, Executive Director of VotersForPeace

Moderator: Nick Gillespie, Editor-in-Chief of REASON magazine.

James Antle, Senior writer and assistant editor of American Conservative magazine.
Kevin Martin, Executive Director of Peace Action
John LaBeaume, Libertarian political strategist and former National Campaign Coordinator of the Libertarian National Party.
Joyce Robinson-Paul, Green candidate for DC Shadow Senate.
Kevin Zeese, Director of DemocracyRising.US, 2004 spokesperson for Ralph Nader.

Space is limited– please RSVP here or call 301.270.2355

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  1. get the fuck off my lawn you damn hippies.

  2. Nick,

    Could you guys at least come up with a better title for yourselves than “Peace Voters”. What a dumb ass name. Everyone would like to have peace. Unfortuneately, the enemy gets a vote to and they are not too interested in peace. Do you really have such a simplistic view of the world that you think that the whole thing is the U.S.’s fault and if we would just change our behavior everything would be fine? Wow, we can just have peace. Why didn’t anyone think of that before? Why don’t we just give a war and no one comes?

  3. John =

    i think thats uh, humping or jumping the gun.

    the specific question is, is war in iraq the right way to ‘win’ this conflict. as exectuted from the inception, many would reasonably say no.

    if it’s a dumb name, yes, I agree. but maybe its the dumb name all these various parties felt comfortable with. so much for that.


  4. John,
    And just whose fault do YOU think it is that we’re sitting in the middle of a civil war in a country where 78% of the people want us out and 67% approve of attacks on our mlitary.

    We were led down this rosy path by the lying, cherry picking chickenhawks of the Bush administration and Republican controlled congress.

    We need to find candidates that recognize we can’t convert the world to democracy by force.

    Some of us are quite experienced at recognizing the bullshit lies that took us to war. It’s not the first time in recent history after all.

    Goldstar Brother for Peace

  5. Go f*ck a sunset, hippies.

  6. “Unfortuneately, the enemy gets a vote to and they are not too interested in peace.”

    In the context of the Iraq War, that’s a really dumb statement. The Iraqis did nothing to compel us to invade their country. We could have chosen peaceful ways to handle the problem, or we could have chosen war. We chose war.

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