25 Years Ago in Reason


"As in every other new field, the history of commercial space flight will be filled with tales of success and failure; of geniuses, dreamers, and con-men; of hopes too big to accomplish and of accomplishments exceeding hopes. But somewhere within this record—or beyond the edges of it—may lie the seeds of success for private activity in space."
—James C. Bennett, "The Second Space Race"

"High-income communities have used zoning and other growth-control measures to restrict the supply of housing. As a consequence, house prices have soared, and middle- and lower-income families have been excluded.…The solution is to decontrol the supply side."
— M. Bruce Johnson, "Is the Sun Setting on the American Dream?"

"How well is airline deregulation working? There are several important indicators. The majority of fares are lower than they would have been under regulation. New airlines are sprouting up left and right. Aggressive competitors are making money. And deregulation is spreading to Europe."
—Robert Poole Jr. and Christina Dorffi, "Trends"