Gender Oppression in Iran


The real reason neocons want to hit Iran? It's not the nukes. It's the metrosexuals:

"You don't see as many men with nose jobs in London or Paris or Germany but today the numbers having cosmetic surgery [in Iran] is amazing," says [plastic surgeon Magid Navab].

"It's become a fashion—a competition because a boy wants to compete with another over a girl," Dr Navab says, adding that there are also more and more cases of middle aged men who want to keep up with their young girlfriends.

Navrab says he also breaks the face of the occasional cleric.

Arguably related: Tim Cavanaugh asks the timeless question, "Are Muslim Fuck Buddies a Sign of Progress?"

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  1. ‘Course, don’t cross that line from metro to Foley-style homo, or they’ll fucking hang you. Of course, I’ve been told Ahmedinejad does favor allowing gays to marry before hanging. Natch.

  2. Do they hate us for the superior quality of our plastic surgeons?

  3. Believe it or not, jokes are supposed to make sense. Since neocons are former liberals who want to spread freedom and democracy, it doesn’t make sense to pretend they’d be bothered by metrosexuals.

  4. Larry has a point. Quite seperate from the “Neocons” is that religious right-wing clique that believes the fanatic Islamists are _justified_ in “hating us for our freedom”.

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