Bring Me the Head of Dick Armey!


Former Reason intern and Elephant in the Room author Ryan Sager has caused a tiff between small-government and social conservatives via an interview with former GOP heavyweight Rep. Dick Armey (R-Texas), now manning the ropes at Freedom Works. Focus on the Family's James Dobson is spitting mad at the Lone Star State pol for comments such as these in answer to Sager's questions about the rising influence of the religious right in the Party of Lincoln:

"To a large extent, because Dobson and his gang of thugs are real nasty bullies," Armey said. "I pray devoutly every day, but being a Christian is no excuse for being stupid. There's a high demagoguery coefficient to issues like prayer in schools. Demagoguery doesn't work unless it's dumb . . . These issues are easy for the intellectually lazy and can appeal to a large demographic."

Read Dobson's response here.

Read Sager's gloss here.

Check out Freedom Works here.

Read Reason's 1997 interview with Armey here.

And read about Dobson's surprising connection to the least likable basketball player of all time, Pistol Pete Maravich, here.

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  1. I like the quote, but it looks like politician infighting more than a serious concern about the direction of the republican party.

  2. How could you call Pistol Pete unlikeable??!? He was awesome. A true inspiration to short white guys everywhere.

  3. Ah, the modern day John Birch. Dobson needs to Focus on Fucking off. He should focus on it real hard, and the ACLU should protect his constitutional right to do so.

  4. From FotF’s propaganda site:

    Focus on the Family Action President Jim Daly said it’s shocking the former congressman would attack millions of values voters who helped Armey and other social conservatives gain control of Congress.

    Translated: We own you.

  5. Yeah, not sure I understand the unlikable comment about Pete Maravich either.

  6. I suspect given the current crop of politicians from both parties the era of big government is not over – the era of bold ideas seems to be. Both parties have political bases that enjoy feasting on pork. Dick Armey is now considered out of his parties mainstream – this is ridiculous. People like Dobson & co. should be fighting for smaller government and freedom of association – then they could set up their own little communes. The big government they now endorse will come back and bite them in the ass! We live in depressing times….

  7. That FOtF news story is a hoot: “Sen. Goody Richpigge expressed shock at Armey’s statement…Focus on the Family’s Constance Huguenot Proctor is disappointed that Armey has turned his back on his own values…Rep. Ezekial Tartuffe, on the other hand, slammed Armey for his betrayal of his own constituents…Armey did not return a phone call by press time.”

  8. Is the headline a reference to Salome’s Last Dance or just to Salome in general?

  9. Marivich more dislikable than Isiah Thomas? Bill Lambeer? I think not. Some of Reason’s takes on areas outside of politics are just bizare.

  10. Man, did you ever watch one of his highlight reels? He was known for scoring, but his passes were sick!

    It was as if a white Harlem Globetrotter was cut loose in a real game.

    In some ways he was the greatest ever. Ever.

  11. To “Lost”: Although my information is anecdotal, there is a real serious split in the Republican Party that is hardening as we speak. The bible-thumpers are going to end up totally dominating the party and nominating idealogues in the primaries, and they are going to get thumped themselves. Kansas’ 3rd Congressional District is Exhibit A, and a bellwether for what is going to start happening in wealthy suburban districts across the country, particularly outside the South.

  12. Rimfax — I thought Nick was invoking Sam Peckinpah:

  13. Dobson is on the record as an opponent of the “libertarian” influence in the GOP (and yes, he specifically cited “libertarian”). He’s one creepy, scary dude and no ally to anyone who believes in smaller, less intrusive government.

  14. I’ve always been a little diffident on the flat-tax-lovin’, military-base-closin’, Contract-With-America-writin’ Department-Of-Homeland-Security-sponsorin’ Armey.

    But I despise Dobson so it’s really cool to see a fellow conservative nail him.

  15. I always liked Prick Armey. Oh, I didn’t mean to say that. It wasn’t really a freudian slip or anything. I like Dick Armey, really.

  16. Walsh…you said it man. Dobson is way creepy.

  17. I remember reading that someone asked Armey if his Wife’s maiden name was Vagina Coast Guard.

  18. Dick Armey, wow, those were the days. That’s when Democrats complained bitterly, almost on a daily basis that the Evil Republicans(tm) were going to make government smaller and subsequently less powerful. Man, how things change.

    How’s a more powerful government workin’ out for ya now?

  19. Haha, thanks Paul for that great line, you made my Friday…

  20. madpad,

    I think you’re having a Family Guy flashback.

  21. Every good christian ought to kick Dobson right in the ass.

  22. I think thats awesome.

    I think millions of ‘christians’ share his views, but you dont hear it much because all you get are the loudmouth PR machines like Dobson, and the politicians who serve them. Now that he’s not beholden to them maybe he can call it like he sees it. I think its about time they got a taste of a little public chastisement. Next up = how about Concerned Women for America?


  23. Every good christian ought to kick Dobson right in the ass.

    Somehow, it seem very appropriate to say…”AMEN!”

    (although I’d go for the nuts.)

  24. GILMORE,

    “I think millions of ‘christians’ share his views, but you dont hear it much because all you get are the loudmouth PR machines like Dobson, and the politicians who serve them.”

    So it’s sort of the same as with Muslims?

  25. Bring me the dick of the head of the army.
    I’m shishing for Rummy-ka-(bob)??

    Second choice would be rum from a dead man’s chest.

    Last choice would be pus/effluvia from a sucking chest wound.

  26. Pistol Pete unlikeable?? Unbelieveable!! He was a cool player and an inspiration to a generation of players to work harder on skill development.

  27. In the catgegory of “Most, “unlikeable” players we have:
    Danny Ainge, Bill Laimbeer, Ron Artest, Kermit Washington, Dennis Rodman,….may I have the envelope please….the award goes to…Ron Artest!

    Pistol Pete? Not even nominated. That guy was a wizard. I hear tell he used to practice dribbling by having his dad drive the car slowly down the road, slowly accelerating, while he would hang his hand out the window, dribbling the ball on the road.

  28. In regard to Dobson fucking off, hear hear.

    He really should stick to parenting advice. I especially liked the article where he advised fathers to shower with their sons and show how big their penises are.

  29. Funny, I didn’t see one quote from Dobson where you’ve linked it as ‘Read Dobson’s Response Here’. So, I’m still not sure what his response is to the accusations….

  30. Dana:

    It’s Dobson’s organization, ergo it’s his response regardless of what Bible-beating lackeies proxy for him.

  31. edit: lackies

  32. I love how an attack on Dobson magically morphs into “he’s attacking all Christians.” You can’t GET much more arrogant than thinking that you de facto represent all of Christianity.

    That’s almost bizarre as creationist Jonathan Wells claiming to represent “traditional Christianity” when, as a moonie, he believes that CHRISTS MISSION FAILED and that some old Korean felon is now KING OF THE UNIVERSE because some Democratic Congressman set a plastic tiara on his head in a special ceremony. Yeah, that definately sounds like something “traditional” christians are all for.

  33. I’ve never heard a thing about Pistol Pete being unlikeable. What’s this about? Some sort of anti-LSU animus?

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