Whither the "Pocketbook Conservatives"?


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Former GOP congressional bigwig Dick Armey, now the maximum leader at Freedom Works lays into his former party in the WSJ. His concern is for "pocketbook conservatives," fiscally prudent types who are "suspicious of big government promises and irresponsible spending," Armey writes:

The pocketbook conservative is up for grabs once again. Since 2002, federal spending has increased by 47%, earmarking abuse is rampant, and the new Medicare prescription-drug benefit has created $18.2 trillion in new unfunded liabilities on future taxpayers. And while GDP growth has been good and unemployment remains low, there are a number of American households who have seen their real income remain flat for the past five years. These families feel the brunt of the softening housing market, higher energy prices and rising health-care costs. They feel less secure about their retirement, knowing that they can no longer depend on empty government promises.

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