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A press release I read all the way through, and it gave me horrible cramps:


Dateline: September 27, 2006 … New York, NY
Contact Name: Gabrielle Lichterman
Contact Phone: (212) 987-4460
Web Address:

NEW YORK, NY—September 27, 2006—There's a new online women's lifestyle magazine and it's raising eyebrows. That's because it's the first magazine tailored to each week of a woman's monthly cycle. Yes, "that" cycle.

In each issue, Four Weeks Magazine ( recommends foods, products, destinations and DIY projects based on the moods a woman's hormones have her feeling during each week of her monthly cycle. There's also a "hormone horoscope" that forecasts what a woman's month will be like based on her hormones.

Upon its debut on September 1, 2006, Four Weeks immediately got the blogosphere buzzing and provoked intense reactions across the spectrum. Many women eagerly embrace the new concept:

"I am LOVING this new monthly online magazine!"
– iVillage Beehive (9/21/06)

While others fear Four Weeks sends an anti-feminist message:

"I think this magazine should be killed."
– (9/7/06)

Whether readers love it or hate it at first, the founder and editor of Four Weeks, Gabrielle Lichterman, is confident that ultimately all cycling women will realize it's practical to synchronize one's life with one's hormone cycle. "Women can gain an advantage by planning their life around their hormonal influences. For example, it makes sense to plan high-energy activities during the week a woman's hormones make her energy and endurance peak and to plan mellow activities during the week a woman's hormones make her feel sedate and tired," Lichterman says.

Future issues of Four Weeks will show women the best spooky Halloween vacations to take, Thanksgiving foods to eat and holiday shopping items to buy according to the week of their monthly cycle.

Men don't have to feel left out for long. Lichterman reveals that the December issue will include a 24-hour gift guide for men to correspond to the male 24-hour hormone cycle (

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About The Founder And Editor

Gabrielle Lichterman is the creator of hormonology (, the science of predicting one's day and planning one's life according to one's hormone cycle. The principles that guide Four Weeks were established in Lichterman's groundbreaking book "28 Days: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods, and Potential" (Adams Media, May 2005). A nationally-known women's health journalist, Lichterman is also the former managing editor of Playgirl magazine and former editor of WebMD's electronic health newsletters.

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Gabrielle Lichterman
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