Hey, What's Congress Up to Today?


Via CQ's always helpful "Today at a Glance" ($), a laugh-so-you-don't-cry peek into today's agenda:

The House… could clear a bill that would require the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ensure that state and local emergency preparedness plans include procedures for evacuating pets and service animals.

The Senate takes up House-passed legislation that calls for 700 miles of fencing along the U.S.-Mexican border.

House International Relations holds a hearing on the situation in Sudan, with actress Mira Sorvino testifying.

Tim Cavanaugh pieces together the Mira Sorvino/Angie Dickinson connection here.

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  1. It’s like the headlines in the Robert Heinlein stories about the “Crazy Years”

  2. I’m not a member of the janjaweed, but I play one on tv!

  3. For the fence? Against the fence?

    Wouldn’t it be nice if everybody told their Senators how they stood.

    Here’s a site that gives the phone number and e-mail address of all 100 of them. If you do nothing and they rule against you, then what?


  4. What is Mira going to say other than the world
    community needs to “do something?” From what I saw on CNN Europe, that’s what Clooney urged.
    Do any of them have the courage to say, “The U.S.
    should put together a coalition, invade, and effect a regime change. And, if France and Russia and others don’t want to join, then we urge Bush to act the cowboy and damn world opinion.” How will a military adventure in Sudan be any different than the one in Iraq?

  5. Well, if anything would ever make me want to run for public office and compromise all of my very vague morals, I guess it would be exactly that – Mira Sorvino testifying.

    And by testifying I mean…

    Yeah, you know EXACTLY what I mean.


  6. On the Texas Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) http://texashelp.tamu.edu/index.php site there’s a link for “Volunteer Opportunities for Texans.”

    Turns out they need thousands of volunteers to form an agency that will, in case of emergency, distribute medications.

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