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Can someone remember to turn out the lights at NASA already? The agency's latest headline:

Harmful chemical leaks in space station

HOUSTON—International space station astronauts pulled an alarm and donned protective gear Monday after smelling a foul odor that turned out to be a harmful chemical leaking from an oxygen vent, NASA said.

"We don't exactly know the nature of the spill … but the crew is doing well," said Mike Suffredini, NASA's space station program manager. "It's not a life-threatening material."

The crew first reported smoke but it turned out to be an irritant, potassium hydroxide, leaking from an oxygen vent, Suffredini said.

More here.

And what about the tiny screws?

Burt Rutan, the Elvis of Aerospace and a leader in the burgeoning field of space tourism, trashes NASA in a Reason interview here.

Fun made at astronaut/senator/Keating Five member/angry old man John Glenn's expense here.

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  1. Can someone remember to turn out the lights at NASA already?

    Maybe someone should turn them on first?

  2. For a second there I was worried that sexy space tourist Anousheh Ansari was on the ISS when the accident occurred, but then I read she’s not supposed to get there until Wednesday. I’d still give her a thorough decontamination inspection and full-body scrub-down . . . just to be on the safe side, you know.

  3. Maybe we’re in a time warp. I thought it was John Glenn who had a screw loose.

  4. This is a new one. Space as a clean room?

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