The Lending Library Is Open


Murray Rothbard's brief but juicy book Education: Free and Compulsory (1972) can now be read online. Access to the site is free, but not compulsory.

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  1. Great article, especially this line: “Since it negates the very principles of human life and human growth, the creed of equality and uniformity is a creed of death and destruction.”

    And “Whatever the standards that the government imposes for instruction, injustice is done to all ? to the dullards who cannot absorb any instruction, to those with different sets of aptitudes in different subjects, to the bright children whose minds would like to be off and winging in more advanced courses but who must wait until the dullards are hounded once again.”
    is the opposite of the popular but false blank-slate-based premises underlying the No Child (except Timmy Blanchard) Left Behind Act…and state schooling in general.

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