The Really Troubling Thing About the 9/11 Hijackers


Want to know the real outrage of the 9/11 killers? Notes Rev. Rob Schenck, of something called Faith and Action:

"In less than one hour, the world-wide terrorist machine managed to violate virtually every one of the Ten Commandments."

Let's leave aside questions about worshipping graven images, coveting thy neighbor's wife, doing a suicide-bombing run on the Sabbath, etc. I'm just thinking that 9/11 deniers and 9/11 cartoonists are starting to look positively brilliant in comparison.

More, including Schenck's observation that "although polls have consistently shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe in God and heaven a large portion of them dismiss the idea of Hell and the Devil," here.

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  1. All of the Ten Commandments? In under an hour? “Thou shalt not kill” is easy enough to understand, and I can even understand taking the Lord’s name in vain, and perhaps even dishonoring parents and false witness, but how did they get adultery in there? There’s the conspiracy, the 9/11 Commission suppressed evidence of widespread nookie on those hijacked planes! (Let me be perfectly clear on this — I’m snarking on the good pastor, not any of the hijackers’ victims.)

  2. A missle brought down Flight 800, the Chinese provoked the Japanese in 1931, Poland invaded Germany to start WWII and neither Mao Tse Tung nor Fidel Castro were ever communists.

    Y-a-w-n, , , , ,

    BTW, I read that since the US turned Abu Ghraib prison over to the Iraqis about ten days ago the locals have had to turn the volume of on their TV’s during the day and can’t sleep at night because of the sounds of mistreatment coming from within it’s walls.

  3. Elmo,

    Don’t forget the biggest doozy of them all: FDR let the Pearl Harbor attack happen.

    (I used to entertain this one seriously, but a little research was enough to dispell it and a lot more was enough to render it embarassing.)

  4. “…how did they get adultery in there?”

    Perhaps they prayed to a graven image then copped a feel from a stewardess on their way into the cockpits.

  5. I’ve had the, er, pleasure of hearing Schenk speak. At the time, he was advocating a t-shirt featuring “The Hip-Hop 10 Commmandments”. I shit you not, one of the commandments was “Don’t ice ya homie”.

  6. Eeeeeeeerrrr… I got nothing. This sort of stupidity speaks for itself without snarky commentary from this village atheist.

  7. The Man In Black is on a southbound sled to hell with greased runners. Shame.

  8. heh heh, dude, he said cockpit.

    If they were chick pilots would it be the box office?


  9. Calling Rick Barton! Calling Rick Barton!

  10. Callin Rick Barton!

  11. “although polls have consistently shown that an overwhelming majority of Americans believe in God and heaven a large portion of them dismiss the idea of Hell and the Devil”

    If this is true, it’s very enlightening. I’m not exactly a believer, but I can’t understand believing in God/heaven and not believing in the Devil/hell. It’s like believing that the color white exists, but not black. Or that good exists but not evil.

    However, given our general Pollyanna, peaches ‘n’ cream outlook on life, this nonsensical outlook on the afterlife isn’t terribly surprising

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