Shoring Up Gitmo's Precious "Actual Terrorist" Reserves


At a first pass, it might seem like unvarnished good news that George Bush has ordered 14 high-level detainees, including Khalid Sheik Mohammed, to be transfered to Guantanamo Bay from shady CIA "black sites" abroad, where the oversight is minimal and the interrogations are packed with torturey goodness. But over at TNR, Spencer Ackerman considers some motives for the move less heartening than the spontaneous reactivation of whatever cobweb-filled corner of Bush's prefrontal cortext corresponds to "respect for procedural justice." To wit: It might be an effort to ensure that Gitmo stays open in the face of calls for its closure or, worse, to make Congress choose between greenlighting the use of confessions obtained under duress and risking acquital of some world-historical sleazeballs.