Norman, Was That You?


Mary Peters is in as new secretary of the Dept. of Transportation. So reports the Wash Post here.

Tough question: What hapless nobody is she replacing?

Useless hint: He loved Amtrak.

Useless headline allusion: Refers not only to outgoing transportation secretary–and the only Democrat in Bush's cabinet–but to a thankfully forgotten 1976 drag comedy here and then wonder no more why Ford lost if this was the sort of enthusiasm his supporters mustered.

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  1. I didn’t see Redd Foxx or Pearl Bailey in that commercial, but the spot certainly made me think Ford deserves more appreciation than he’s gotten. Any president whose campaign commercials brag about how many vetos he’s used and highlight the way his “leadership against congress” has kept spending down seems like a man America needs.

    Also, Norman, Is That You (which I like to think of as a Michael Warren/Dennis Dugan/Vernee Watson picture) has a small place in the technical history of film: It was the first major theatrical release to be shot on video and transferred to film.

  2. Gerald Ford in ’08!

  3. Norman Mineta! Now, maybe we can finally get the airline pilots armed.

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