Amsterdam Good Time Redux (Veiled Subscripition Pitch)



Last week's Reason in Amsterdam conference is over, but the memory still lingers on like a hazy memory of a slow, gray afternoon killed in a Dutch coffee shop…where was I going with this…?

If you want to check out some audio snippets from a press conference South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone did while at the show, along with some other conference wrap-upania, go here.

And look for a full-length Reason interview with Parker and Stone–pulled from a live, after-dinner conversation conducted the first night of the conference–in a forthcoming issue of Reason. Make sure not to miss it by subscribing now: It's just $20 a year for a publication that's been named "One of the 50 Best Magazines" three out of the last four years by The Chicago Tribune (and they ought to know: they're the "World's Greatest Newspaper" in the opinion of their visionary one-time owner Col. Robert McCormick).

For Reason sub info, go here.

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  1. 2 year subscription for me…I figured after hanging around here for a year it time for me to get one and I wasn’t disappointed…Have a great Labor Day everyone.

    IMHO, Labor Day is the ‘murican version of the May Day celebration as far as I’m concerned, except there are no cool parades with all the latest military hardware like in Russia. Maybe that’s the next thing for us here in the UsSA. Peace out.

  2. BTW, when is the September issue shipping? I still haven’t received mine.

  3. Curse you 4-to-6 week delay! I want my Reason now!

  4. ha, can real hardcore right-wingers start violating Walsh’s law and call this country the U.S.S.A.? (The United Soviet States of America)

  5. Got the September Edition a few days ago.

  6. Nick, well I was going to subscrib but you linked to Wikpedia again.
    Correct it please.

  7. Nick, I just subsribed for 3(three) years.
    Now what the hell is this 6-8 weeks crap?
    No, no. I want it in two weeks or I am cancelling.
    Got that.
    6-8 weeks? This is the internet age Gillipse. We are beyond the tubes or whatever Da Vinci proposed.

  8. Now what the hell is this 6-8 weeks crap?

    yeah what is up with that crap…i mean i can order a book from amazon and it is at my house in like a week and that is using the cheap parcel service.

  9. What about conference in Amsterdam ?
    Funny pictures “Reason in Amsterdam”, best.

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