Give Me Pasties, or Give Me Death


Strippers strike a blow for freedom to mingle in Prince George's Country, MD, where new restrictions on strip clubs and their patrons are scheduled to go into effect today:

The lawsuit filed by Showcase Theater in Beltsville and two other clubs says the regulations–including one that forbids dancers from mingling with patrons–are "seriously burdensome restrictions" that aren't imposed on other businesses like taverns, nightclubs and theaters.

Other new rules say dancers must be on stages at least 18 inches high and performances must also be at least six feet from customers.

No word on whether extremely tall Lucite platform shoes will meet the stage-height requirement.

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  1. Can’t the choice be between pasties and no pasties? I mean, who needs pasties? Might as well expose the nipple if the rest of the boob is out there.

  2. Isn’t mingling one of those inalienable rights?

  3. Off subject: has a story about a dwarf who goes into a strip club and finds two dwarf girls working there.

    Click on “Dance Little Sister.”

  4. Timothy:

    State and/or local liquor licensing authorities are fond of writing rules that ban actual nude dancing where alcohol is served. I wonder if they are worried about a stray drop of mother’s milk splashing into my beer? Some clubs I’ve learned about over the years had total nudity, but served no booze. That leads to guys sneaking in flasks so they can top off the $8.00 cokes they get served. Pitiful.


  5. While I can’t speak for the regulations in every state, all of those with which I’m familiar that
    that provide for “juice bar” type establishments (nude or topless dancing in clubs that cannot serve alcohol) still allow customers to BYOB. In the ones I used to frequent back in Jersey, it was not at all uncommon for patrons to roll in a full keg on their own. No sneaking of flasks necessary.

  6. R.J.:

    True story. Went to one of these establishments for a friend’s stag night. We drove out to a bar in the suburbs, near the groom’s home town, and had a few pops. A bus, quite like an airport shuttle, picked us up and drove us further out in the country, into what I suppose was an unincorporated part of the county. Any beer or booze we were consuming on the bus had to stay there. Once inside, we paid our admission, got our 2-drink minimum (Miller Sharps for me) and watched the show. One of our crew got caught with a flask, and we all got 86ed. This was in Wisconsin in the mid-1980s.

    A no-alcohol strip bar was apt for the groom, who didn’t drink, anyway.


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