Follow-Ups! We Got Follow-Ups!


On August 17, I linked to an interesting report on "how the democratization of missile technology—cruise missile technology, in particular—is reshaping global realities." Now Technology Review has published part two of the series.

And on August 18, I pointed you to a press release from the National Center for Public Policy Research. The analysts there argued that Sen. George Allen's plan for a vast "National Heritage Area" stretching from Charlottesville to Gettysburg was a threat to local property owners. Allen's spokesman replies: "I don't think they have read the legislation." The National Center fires back:

Mr. Reid [Allen's spokesman] may be referring to Section 10 of S. 2645, which states, in part: "Nothing in this Act shall be construed to modify the authority of Federal, State, or local governments to regulate land use."

Unfortunately, Section 10 does not prevent harm to property rights….Section 10's "property rights protections" do not extend to land use restrictions and property acquisition performed by local officials at the behest of the new "management entity" the bill creates. In short, the Senator's office is literally correct that the bill itself does not harm property rights, but the bill creates a new federally-funded "management entity" charged with activities that are likely to do so.

In short, the bill subcontracts the dirty work.