Ugh! Thank you, President Ford!


In a bold new economic plan modeled after The Simpsons' "Project Bootstrap," Dr. Claud Anderson, president of the Harvest Institute, has figured out how to achieve the institute's goal of helping "Black America become a self-sufficient and competitive group of people." He's filing a class-action lawsuit on behalf of non-Spanish-speaking workers. Perpetual Pulitzer bridesmaid Redding News Review has the story:

"This is an English speaking country," Anderson said. "It is insulting for people to mandate that black kids learn Spanish when they can't even speak basic English … You got to learn your own language first."

He is asking anyone who has lost their job due to being forced to learn Spanish to call his Harvest Institute at 202-518-2465.

So get in on the suit and pick up some cash. I understand Univision's got deep pockets.

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  1. Claud Anderson has made waves before.

    “Claud Anderson even has a conspiracy theory, claiming that the National Hispanic Party — a party no one else seems to have heard of — ‘declared a population war on Black Americans in the early 1970s at a mid-west meeting and crafted plans to numerically surpass and supplant Black Americans by the year 2000.'”

  2. El Protocols De Los Elders De Aztlan?

  3. Shouldn’t that be “you *gots* to learn your own language first”?

  4. Who exactly is el loco suing? The Spanish, perhaps, for importing their cursed language to the Americas?

  5. Population war eh? Well sign me up……I love Hispanic women!

  6. “This is an English speaking country,” Anderson said. “It is insulting for people to mandate that black kids learn Spanish when they can’t even speak basic English … You got to learn your own language first.”

    Christ, this is all over the idealogical map. You gotta love it.

  7. “You got to learn your own language first”

    Looks like we need to start with Anderson.

  8. univision is owned by nbc, owned in turn by ge, so yes they’ve got billions and billions

  9. Forget Spanish, I can’t stand all those deaf people talking in sign language. Isn’t it about time we outlawed all those gestures and hand-words? English rules!!! (and no, sign language is not just English with your hands).

  10. But what about all those blacks who get fired because they can’t even speak English?

    Gee, could the real problem here be that urban school unions are leeches sucking at the public tit who could give a rat’s ass about the black kids they are supposed to be teaching? Maybe those damned furriners aren’t the problem here after all?

    Nah, it’s gotta be the furriners. What was I thinking. We gots to get rid of them before it be any badder than it be already.

  11. Lorsquine Latin?

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