Murkowski, Outski


From the Last Frontier, Kwix sends in the news that Frank Murkowski, "the civil rights-violating Governor who attempted to unconstitutionally recriminalize Marijuana 3 times in his tenure, and gave us this lovely piece of crap last week," has lost the GOP primary with only 19 percent of the vote. Former Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles will square off in November against Murkowski's primary conqueror, former Wasilla mayor Sarah Palin. I know nothing about either candidate, except that Palin looks delightfully perky while Knowles appears to be suffering from the freezer burn to which, I presume, Alaskans are especially prone.

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  1. Tim Cavanaugh wrote I know nothing about…..

    I just wanted to see it again. I just got aroused.

  2. Won’t somebody please think of the incumbents? They’re people too!

    How are they supposed to find cushy jobs when you keep firing them?

  3. when you keep firing them

    I believe the correct term is “purging”, not firing.

    At least that’s what I learned from the people talking about the ousting of the CT incumbent.

  4. “Knowles appears to be suffering from the freezer burn to which, I presume, Alaskans are especially prone.”

    Yeah right. Good information. And the school I went to had two rooms, one of which was always filled with fish.

  5. She’s just plain hotter than Murkowski…..thats enough for me!

  6. Yes, it’s true. I’m a little hottie. Don’t be fooled by the glasses! I intend to satisfy the desires of all of my constituents.

  7. The quote of the year (so far). You can detain a witness and you can put him in JAIL simply for not agreeing to be photographed and fingerprinted, but “In no way is this the silver bullet that solves the gang violence problems,” she said.

    What the . . . ?

  8. Huh. Any relation to Michael? I’d vote for a Python relative any day.

  9. Fooled by the glasses? Those are porno librarian glasses if I’ve ever seen any.

  10. Someone is into the milfs! I think she looks like the wife of the richest person in a small town.

  11. former Wasilla mayor Sarah Palin

    I’d never even heard of this town until about a year ago. A girl from there moved down here to Washington and started going to the the club I frequent. IMHO, I think she’s pretty hot too, in a healthy, outdoorsy, pickup-truck-drivin’-woman sort of way.

    Other than that I still know little about Wasilla, except that it seems to have a dearth of goth-industrial clubs.

  12. Rabbit, even better, “if it turns out that person did not have information to aid an investigation, a court could turn the misdemeanor charge into a civil fine up to $1,000.” Let’s see… $1000 minus the cost of processing each random citizen dragged in off the street equals a tidy profit for the police department. Unreal.

  13. JAL,

    Wasyphilis (as I used to call it) is like many of the areas in AK. Small town mentality. And lots of bored kids. The one redeeming value specific to Wasilla is that it’s reasonably close to Anchorage, where there is usually something to do.

    And the bud, like all of AK, is superb.

  14. “Someone is into the milfs! I think she looks like the wife of the richest person in a small town.”

    do_my_mom, you make that sound like a bad thing~!

  15. so wait does this mean that if libertarians are republicans who smoke pot does this now mean that the voters who voted against Murkowski are libertarians?

  16. The most galling part about that law about witnesses: an amendment to provide said witnesses w/ protection was turned down, because according to one legislator who voted no it would create an unfunded mandate. ARRGH!

  17. All I can say with this witness thing is: grab your guns folks, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  18. “Governor Murkowski did, however, tap Palin”

  19. What? Michael Palin’s running for governor? He’s got my vote! After all, What Alaska needs in Juneau most of all…is a lumberjack!

  20. Some of the govgrubs down here refer to the voters not returning an incumbent as “de-electing” him. They seem to have a problem with the idea that terms of office expire, and a new election is required to authorize each parasite’s reattachment to the government teat.

    Sarah P does have a Tina Feyish thang goin’ on, I reckon.


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