Defund the Controversy


As promised, the Department of Education has launched a new grant program to save America from its charming inability to add or understand basic science. The Department has released a set of eligible fields of study. But one major seems to be missing, The Chronicle of Higher Education reports:

Under [the] classification scheme there is a heading for "Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology," under which 10 biological fields are defined. For instance, ecology is 26.1301, and evolutionary biology is 26.1303.

But on a list that defines majors eligible for the grants, issued by the department in May, one of those 10 is missing. On that list, the classification numbers rise in order from 26.1301 to 26.1309 -- with the exception of a blank line where 26.1303, or evolutionary biology, would fall.

As long as we're tailoring our education funding to the whims of fundamentalists, I'd like some more information on how Plan B encourages the formation of teen sex cults and permitting gay marriage forces straights to stop marrying. Also, free Army of God pajamas in which to study.