Super Bowl

L.T.'s Emergency Surgery: Relive the pain; more sports-viewing limit experiences sought


Here's a Youtube find so obvious I can't believe I needed the impending kickoff of a new NFL season to make me look it up: Joe Theisman gets his shin broken in half by Lawrence Taylor. After 21 years, this footage (here coming at the end of a montage set to a pounding, NFL Films-style pump-you-up beat), is as groan-inducing as ever—though L.T., to his credit, began calling frantically for the medics right away, as this version of the play makes clear. There's no other point to this post—except that I'm an asshole who likes to check out horrific classic sports catastrophes, so if you can find a clip of Kermit Washington punching out Rudy Tomjanovich or Ray Mancini killing Duk Koo Kim, the comments are wide open.