Kudlow Agonistes


Over at The Corner, Larry Kudlow ties himself up into knots thinking about the new Joe Lieberman, the one who "has become increasingly critical of President Bush's war management polices," and called for the resignation of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld:

Pro-war hawks like myself would favor Lieberman. But of course the big problem I have is that the U.S. is not winning the war. Staying the course doesn't sound like a solution to the massive sectarian violence going on in Iraq.

On domestic policies, they're both liberal Democrats opposing tax cuts, ANWR, and offshore drilling, and opposing the ban on partial-birth abortion.

Lamont however may be slightly to the right of Lieberman on budget spending. In the CNBC interview with me, Lamont said he wanted to eliminate budget earmarks like the abusive transportation bill. Lieberman is a defender of earmarks.

More here.

Kudlow dreams of Harry Truman when thinking of bad contracts in Iraq here.

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  1. Pro-war hawks like myself…

    If the term “hawk” were to be officially replaced with “faggot”, how many pundits would still claim to be pro-war? “Pro-war faggots like myself…” just doesn’t have the same ring. I hereby move for the substitution of “hawk” with “faggot”. That way we can find out if men (and it’s always men) REALLY love war so much, or are they just posturing their way to a more manly self-image?

    Personally I am proud to be dove-ish.

  2. Sure. Now, can we replace ‘dove’ with ‘pussy’?

  3. Now, if we could just change the word ‘dove’ to ‘pussy’ everything would be fine.

  4. sorry for the double post, dovey.

    How I’m I supposed to be a spontaneous asshole with this server acting up all of the time? This is earth shattering, mind blowing, universe changing shit I have here, folks. God damn. Take a collection…… I’ll ante up.

  5. It must seem hilarious to Rumsfeld, who’s offered his resignation at least twice, to hear people call for his resignation. …I’d say we need to put pressure on the President to fire him, but listening to the President this morning (listening to what he said rather than the way he said it), you’d think everything in Iraq was going according to plan.

    …and if President fired Rumsfeld for anything, it should be for the incompetent implementation of the disgraceful policies Rumsfeld put in place that led to Abu Gharib. Anyone can mismanage a war–it takes a special kind of stupid to lead us into an Abu Gharib.

  6. Not only was Lieberman not calling for Rumsfeld’s resignation until he realized he was losing the primary, but he actively opposed the idea, using the “giving aid and comfort to our enemies” line on people who wanted Rumsfeld out.

    And now he’s going to try to sell himself as principled?

  7. Why would any voter want an elected representative to be principled? Statistically your best chance at having your opinion represented is if the official goes according to the polls.

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