Best Subheadline I've Read in a Long Time


From an outfit called the Prometheus Institute (no doubt in favor of a market for livers):

"Armchair Voting: Term limits are lazy man's democracy, and nothing
is more American

I haven't read the piece and I take no responsibility for its message. But really, with a subhead like that one, you're halfway to the finish line before the article even begins.

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  1. I’m all for term limits, but how exactly are we supposed to convince politicians to fire themselves?

  2. Government is a lazy man’s outlet for aggression, and nothing is more American.

  3. its a pretty good article, actually.

  4. Good article, and the PI got me all excited until I saw that they were completely and categorically wrong about Objectivism; they also claim to be the only mainstream libertarian organization that completely distances itself from Miss Rand, the Ayn Rand Institute, and Objectivist thought in entirety.

    Uhh, guys? There’s no such thing as “mainstream libertarian organization(s)”.

  5. Just in case the server macaques have returned from their extended nit picking break…

    “Term limits also limit the degree to which lobbyists can influence policy. Studies have shown that politicians become more beholden to lobbyists the longer they are in office, but term limits break them up before they can consummate their union by screwing the people.”

    This is why I am in favor of term limits; I believe that an enforced increase in Congressional turnover would significantly increase the costs and diffuse the benefits of regulatory capture.

    How do we actually get term limits? That’s a toughie; Joe Lieberman is exhibit A. He lost in the primary, but he can’t accept the thought of himself as not being in the Senate. It is nearly inconceivable that any of those guys would ever willingly vote for term limits.

    (I wish I was a former United States Senator- the retirement packages those guys have is pretty sweet.)

  6. EDIT-

    “…the retirement packages those guys have is pretty sweet”

    Probably ought to read “ARE pretty sweet”

    stupid keyboard

  7. I’m all for term limits, but how exactly are we supposed to convince politicians to fire themselves?

    Here’s my idea how: “Get out of office or we’ll fucking hang you.”

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