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Last year, when the Ojibwa school shooter Jeffrey Weise turned out to be involved with the "Libertarian National Socialist Green Party," I dedicated a couple of posts to wondering whether the group was serious, satiric, or a joke that took on a life of its own. Seventeen months later, a fellow who says he's a member of the party has written a reply:


The LNSG is not a joke.

My name is Chris Stevens. I am a member, and take it quite seriously. Our goal is to implement nationalism without racial bigotry; it does involve racial division, but this is best for all parties involved and ends the pernicious cultural destruction inherent to globalism. However, we're not too fond of most nationalists, as they are pig-headed racists who have no other ideas.

We don't know whether or not Hitler would approve. We don't really care. The ideas of national socialism can be found more clearly expressed in Aristotle, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, although the methods of German National Socialism 1933-1945 were their own invention.

We believe we will create a better world order, and for now, we're focusing on candidates in local elections. If you have any questions, please either email Craig Smith or post them to the forum.

Most people, nationalists and anti-nationalists alike, think we're off our rocker. Then again, we think most of them are looking down the wrong paths for a sustainable, intelligent world order. One of our first flyers was "Whites Out of Africa Now" and it provoked the start to the controversy, including the slander that the LNSG is a joke.

Chris Stevens

My question: So the "Blitzkrieg Teen A.I.D.S." program ("aimed at lightning speed education of teenagers about the dangers of A.I.D.S.") wasn't a joke? What about the "Jewish Community Brothership" ("Communicating the modern interpretations of Nazism and its implications for Jews in today's multicultural Reich")?

On a related note: Nazi swing music.

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  1. by the end of the century it wont matter. People will be able to be whatever skin color or genetic whatnot that they want, almost on demand.

  2. Why does this remind me of Princess Summerfall Winterspring?

    Regardless, if it takes seventeen months for them to write a letter I’d think their understanding of “blitzkrieg” was somewhat limited.

  3. The “Green” part makes more sense, since there are connections between some of the more radical “Blood & Soil” elements of Nazism and the modern “Deep Ecology” movement.

  4. I’ll stick with Fascist Jews for Buddha.

    Or the Silly Party.

  5. Cannibals for Cannabis: We take the munchies to a whole new level.

  6. If they were the real deal, he NEVER would have replied, or would have done so within a day. Most likely, he finally got around to sending out the standard “The LNSG is NOT a joke” form letter as he was clearing his inbox.

    “Thanks for your prompt reply! You’ve answered many of my questions, but one still remains:

    Seriously, you guys are a joke right? – Jesse”

  7. Smells like Ali G. getting randy with Ashton Kutcher, videotaped by Tom Green.

  8. I first found out about the LNSGP when some moron trying to argue against libertarianism posted a link to the party site.

  9. Of course it’s a joke. Whether or not the members of the party are in on it, well, that remains to be seen.

  10. This is taking the “big tent” approach a little far, methinks.

  11. by the end of the century it wont matter. People will be able to be whatever skin color or genetic whatnot that they want, almost on demand.

    The old star-bellied sneetch approach.

  12. exactly like that. =D

  13. That Nazi swing is messed up.

    It’s no Triumph of the Will, though. Triumph of the Will is the famous extreme example of how moral and aesthetic values don’t always line up: considered in a purely formal way, the film’s images are awesome (literally, as in, inspiring awe), even as their political content is appalling. Charlie and his Orchestra is just appalling all the way around. It’s actually kind of reassuring that way.

    Still, both Triumph of the Will and this weird propaganda jazz come off with the same odd note of incongruity. In parts, Triumph of the Will suggests a Boy Scout camping trip gone horribly wrong. “Charlie” sounds a bit like some lost, mad, disowned Schmenge brother.

    Low-res version of Triumph of the Will here:

  14. I remember visiting their website back in high-school. Joke or not, their ideas seemed to form a coherant whole. I guess that would make it a really good joke.

  15. Greetings,
    Anyone interested in joining my new religious sect, “Pornographers for Christ”?

  16. W.D. Fard:

    Do you do it on your knees?
    With amazing grace?
    Until the second coming?

  17. I don’t like the sound of these “boncentration bamps.”

  18. I sent them a note a few years back with some generic “more information” type inquiry in a lame attempt at undercover journalism. I never got a reply.

    They may not be a joke, but they are not serious either.

  19. Ethan,

    Well, I gave him my baby to kiss, and he bit it in the head!

  20. A few years ago a NPR program dug up a compilation of Nazi English parodies of show tunes, and damn it, they were excellent. They would’ve gotten me laughing with, not at the Germans.

    I listen a lot to WFMU (I’m listening to their stream as I write this [at least I was when the server squirrels ate my previous attempt to post this]), and it wouldn’t surprise me if Irwin Chusid or someone there dug these up before the NPR program did.

  21. If you peruse the LNSGP forums you can see the members are quite active in discussing the finer points of classical ideology and monitoring world events. It seems to be the real deal, but is not the consumable talk the average TV watcher would be able to follow.

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