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Reader Chris Grigsby notes that someone has made Milton Friedman's classic Free to Choose series available via Google Video.

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  1. Good humorous reading:

    Go Here

    Then click: Articles & Op Ed Pieces and read “An Infuriating Man”

    Tks, Julian

  2. After watching that first episode, it occurred to me that that political label, “man of the people” really applies to Milton, cuz of his advocacies, far more than to all but the few most free market oriented politicians.

    I remember the first Free to Choose video series. When was that? The book was 1979.

    Milton Friedman, thank you so much for your intellectual investigations of, and your contributions to individual liberty.

    (Milton is a big Reason fan so he might well read this blog.)

  3. ?Muchas gracias!

    Voy a verlo.

    Ricardo P.
    Morelia, Mexico

  4. Hey Ricardo P.. Welcome to you!

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