Cherchez Les French Fries et Toast!


The Washington Times reports that the House of Representatives' cafeteria will once again start calling Freedom Fries and Freedom Toast by their Frenchified names:

The fries on Capitol Hill are French again.

So is the breakfast toast in the congressional cafeterias, with both fries and toast having been liberated from the appellation "freedom."

Three years after House Republicans trumpeted the new names to get back at the French for snubbing the coalition of the willing in Iraq, congressmen don't even want to talk about french fries, which are actually native to Belgium, and toast.

Reps. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) and Walter B. Jones (R-N.C.), the instigators of "the culinary rebuke," would tell the Times why they've flip-flopped like John Kerry on this most pressing issue. Or, for that matter, whether they'll be ordering any of the French (by way of Belgium, OK) foods. Or why they wasted all of our time with their idiocy. Or whether this presages a wholesale surrender in Iraq.

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