Wine and Subjectivist Economics


I realize it's Monday morning, but the opening line of this story intrigued me:

Wine and subjectivist economics go hand in glove. What does this mean? Well, subjectivist economics "…is based on the theory that the value of goods is not inherent in the goods themselves but is in the minds of acting men; that economic value is a matter of individual judgment which may vary from person to person and for the same person from time to time." In the case of wine, individual judgment can be impaired by intimidation (i.e., lack of knowledge) and ill-conceived notions. Certainly, you have heard statements such as "I don't drink white wines" or "red wines are just too dry for me." As wine enthusiasts, it is our objective to push you out of your comfort zone, encourage you to try something new, and explore the glorious world of wine.

More here.

Speaking of "the glorious world of wine," Reason's Kerry Howley plowed through a "Critique of Pure Reisling: Wine snobbery in an age of globalization" here.

Hat tip: Manny Klausner.