Every Man a Murrow


Lebanon: the first YouTube war.

In a matter of weeks, YouTube has become a video Dumpster for a global audience to share first-hand reports, military strategies, propaganda videos and personal commentary about a violent conflict as it unfolds….

In a message to Hezbollah, a man asks: "I was wondering if you guys have any nuclear bombs, and if so, what are you planning do with it? How's the war going over there? Do you guys ever go to YouTube.com? Peace." Another video warns to "proceed with caution" before viewing because it shows a bloodied man who appears to be dead. Some groups have posted gritty black-and-white footage of bombs hitting targets in Lebanon….

One of the most popular videos on YouTube this week is one of Beirut posted by a 27-year-old man named Mohammed, who captured bombs lighting up the night a short distance away. He wrote on the Web site: "Listen to the horrifying blasts of israeli bombs exploding in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. This video brings back haunting memories from the 82 israeli invasion of Beirut—I was then only 4 years old—But the lasting impact of these blasts has never left me.. For those lucky enough to have not experienced a war during their lifetime, it may appear to you that you understand all about it by watching CNN, BBC, or reading the papers.. This video is an attempt to give you a more realistic sense of how terrifying a war can be on innocent civilians.. and kids, just like me, 24 years ago."