The Absolutely Goddamn Final Post-Mortem on Goldberg vs. Gillespie…


The Wash Times writes up last week's America's Future Foundation debate twixt Jonah Goldberg and me on the dread issue of whether libertarians are really a candy or really a gum really part of the right (or something like that):

"I think the problem with many libertarians nowadays is this idea of culture libertarianism," Mr. Goldberg said during the debate. "This idea that we can all be our own priests, that we can all define our own selves, that not just the state, but tradition and authority of any kind somehow should have no real sway over our lives. Those type of libertarians aren't part of the right at all."

Mr. Gillespie drew applause from the crowd by countering, "If not following in lock step some kind of … tradition makes me not a member of the right, I'd rather be wrong."

In a postdebate interview, Mr. Gillespie said, "One of the marks of libertarianism is that we recognize that people can choose among past traditions for whichever one works best. Different people value things differently, and the sign of a good society is one that allows as many people as possible to pursue the good life."

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