Lest Ye Forget: Weigel+Wonkette=Wunderbar!


As you may recall, erstwhile Reason assistant editor Dave Weigel is guest-blogging this week over at Wonkette, which offers up "politics for people with dirty clothes minds."

Now Dave and I have a relationship not unlike the one between Charles Bronson and Jan Michael Vincent in The Mechanic or Lee Marvin and Keith Carradine in The Emperor of the North Pole, so you know that right up to the moment he kills me in an unforgettable way (spoiler alert–too late!) or I toss him from a freight train with the admonition, "Kid, you got no class" (sorry about that again), you know I'm telling you the straight dope when I say Dave is the greatest product to come outta Delaware since George Thoroughgood and Valerie Bertinelli combined.

Today's Weigelania include a great bit on political bobbleheads (literal bobbleheads) and cancer lawsuits; Judge Sam Alito's Facebook problem; Tony Snow's Elvisoid sunglasses and backtracking on the stem-cells-is-murder line; and fucked-up info on assorted political races that will make your libertarian ears bleed with joyous anger.

Check Dave's posts out often at Wonkette. I know I won't be sorry you did.