Check out the Weigel-Era Wonkette Already


Barely two hours into it, and Dave Weigel is already blogging up a storm over at Wonkette, what with posts about Liddy Dole's craptacular performance as chairwoman of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee, Newt Gingrich's insaniac 100-page memo about his presidential jog (by the former Speaker's own account, he won't be able to really run for the White House til he goes on a Star Jones-esque diet), Joe Lieberman's Clinton problem, and much more.

Delaware Dave even throws in a dreamy pic of himself that takes me back to my salad days as an editor at Teen Machine and other teenybopper rags. So check him out often over at Wonkette. Like an Elvis impersonator at a motel lounge, he's there all week–and sweating up a storm.