Cavanaugh family evacuated


My wife and kids are (according to our most recent phone conversation) on a plane from Cyprus to the United States now. They made landfall on the disputed Greco-Turk island early in the morning Sunday and boarded a plane very late that night.

I have to wait for the first-hand account, but in my experience, trying to make arrangements with various hotlines in Cyprus, Lebanon and the United States all week, I can say one thing: The United States government has done a bang-up job with this evacuation. There were the predictable half-days of busy signals, incomplete and/or incorrect information, and circular patterns of deferral from one hotline to the next and back to the first, but every person I've spoken with has been courteous, helpful, and as informative as it was possible to be under the circumstances. Mrs. Cavanaugh, not to mention the kids, may have a different story, but I have no complaints with the Departments of State and Defense over this matter.

Every time I reveal details of my personal life I feel like the hero of the great Stephen King story "Survivor Type," so I'm finished with sharing now. That having been said, I appreciate all the well-wishes, thank you sincerely for your concern, and hope you can spare some good thoughts for the many people who remain stuck in this terrible situation.

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  1. I’m glad to hear this.

  2. Thanks for that and god speed. Your kids are way too cute to be anywhere but home and safe.

  3. That’s wonderful, Tim. I wasn’t aware. My gosh, you must of been going thru Hell. Blog hug for Tim.

  4. Happy news. Glad your family’s all OK.

  5. As a fellow San Franciscan, I’m wishing your family a big Welcome Home! in advance. Here’s hoping they’ll arrive soon and you can finally get a peaceful night sleep. (I imagine you’ve had little since this all began.)

  6. Tim: That’s truly great news. Here’s wishing your family a safe journey home to you.

  7. Phew! We’ve uncrossed our fingers down south. I would say “take a week off,” but I’m too greedy about reading yr coverage….

  8. That’s really good news Tim.

  9. Glad to hear Tim. I hear Nicosia and the whole island is beautiful, why didn’t they stay a while?

  10. All the best, Tim, to you and yours.

  11. That’s cool. I saw something cracking on BBC – apparently the American Warship that rocked up to take a few nationals home was fitted out with waiters serving pina colada cocktails to dishevelled Americans upon boarding.

    So not only have the states been efficient. They’ve also been stylish. And that’s important.

  12. Good news, big sigh, big smile, big hugs soon I’m sure. Get some good sleep. Don

  13. Glad to hear your family is safe and secure.

    I know most things appear so clearly after the fact of events happening but I have to wonder still why we expect the Feds to save any of us or our families when the shit hits the fan.

    This is just a repeat of Katrina except on the other side of the world. Exactly what part of traveling to a mideast country known for harboring terrorist and blowing up Marines can be called after the fact however I am not sure. Thats like saying the people in New Orleans should have been evacuated after the storm was over. No the people in New Orleans that had some common sense decided to leave with the advanced knowledge of the impending storm. As such they were all safe and secure. What part of the past 15 plus years in the Mideast and its current situation is not blatantly obvious to Americans that perhaps they should not travel there to begin with. They all managed to get themselves over there now we have to get them all out. If your a born Lebanese with dual American citizenship you must have sought the American citizenship for a reason, I would think not to have to live in Lebanon being the first of them all.

    Put yourself where your not supposed to be and you will likely find yourself in a situation. To say this was unforeseen is a cop out as this storm has been brewing for years. Personally I think they should all have to pay for their trips back since they could afford to pay for their trip to get to Lebanon to begin with.

    While I am truly happy your family is home safe. I am at the same time truly disgusted that anytime a group of people stub their toe Uncle Sugar Super Nanny comes to the rescue.

    Go to a country with 1000’s of organized terrorists or stay in a hurricane its ok we will pour all the resources we already can’t afford into getting everyones ass out of a pinch they could have prevented in the first place if they thought for just a second.

  14. Hi, John!

  15. I’m glad your family is safe, too, Tim.

    Somebody sent me this, and I had to share it:

    What Kofi Anan really means….

    Kofi has been making statements lately that require translation. A commentator offers the following for your
    “I demand an immediate cease-fire.” means “The Jews are winning.”
    “Israel’s response is disproportionate” means “All this fuss for three
    “The UN must put a peace-keeping force in the field” means “We need more
    troops to shield Hezbollah after they launch a sneak attack.”
    “This is a humanitarian disaster” means “I would like my son to get a
    contract or two to provide food to the Lebanese.”
    and finally
    “We must be even-handed.” means “There are millions of Muslims and only a
    few million Jews in the Middle East. Who deserves the land more?”

  16. Great news Tim.

  17. I am at the same time truly disgusted that anytime a group of people stub their toe Uncle Sugar Super Nanny comes to the rescue.

    Because we all know getting out of a foreign war zone after the infrastructure has been destroyed is no more of an annoyance than hobbling around with an ouchy-boo-boo on one of your toes. Rather than try to visit her family, Mrs. Cavanaugh should have stayed stateside until such time as she could guarantee nothing bad would ever possibly happen outside of our own borders.

  18. Please excuse my inattention, but why is Cavanaugh in harm’s way over there anyhow?

  19. Because, Ruthless, she irresponsibly figured “Why should I take care of my own safety when I have Uncle Sugar to do it for me?”

  20. No, I mean what are the circumstances of getting caught up in this mess?

  21. Just wanted to say, I am glad to hear this.

  22. Great news indeed!

    But since everything is back to normal now, I would like to add that Cyprus is neither disputed nor Greco-Turkish.

    It is a sovereign country, with 30% of its territory occupied by a foreign power.

    Although one can argue that the Turkish intervention was provoked by Greek actions, this was 30 years ago and both Greece and Cyprus have been much more conciliatory and have had a much better record concerning human rights than Turkey since then.
    Thus, the argument that the Turkish army should still occupy 30% of Cyprus to protect the turkish community there doesn’t hold any water.

    The attitudes of Greece and Cyprus have changed since 1974, it’s high time the attitudes of Turkey change as well.

  23. Jennifer – I love the way you totally gloss over the fact that the foreign war zone IS, WAS AND HAS BEEN TERRORIST LANDS for YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Perhaps she should have flown her family someplace a bit more unlikely to have terrorist activities instead. The hurricane forecast was only a few days ahead of the storm. For what length of time have we all known about terrorists in Lebanon?

    Again I say if you know your going someplace that might be subject to unrest (IE THE MIDDLE FUCKING EAST) then maybe, just maybe you should expect something just might happen. Wake the hell up its the middle east not Fiji. You leave the country no matter where you go you take your chances. Key word here is YOU. I know no one wants to be alone in a crisis situation but don’t call me bitching about being stowed away in the luggage compartment when it was your idea to begin with!!

  24. “This is a humanitarian disaster” means “I would like my son to get a
    contract or two to provide food to the Lebanese.”


  25. Or Jennifer, perhaps you think they should have targeted the Lucky Dog Stands and Ice Cream trucks first. Not the infrastructure needed to fight back. What silly military man would ever think about taking out important targets first. Lets not forget also that the TERRORISTS in Lebanon are the ones the started this round to begin with.

    They showed a pic of a family of Americans holding signs reading, America where are you? No Phone, no email, no power. Please tell me how you get a picture of yourself on the national news in mere days if you have no means of communicating from inside a war zone where you also claim you can’t travel to get yourself out?

    Know what the best way to escape from Jail is don’t you? Not going to begin with!!

  26. Jennifer – I love the way you totally gloss over the fact that the foreign war zone IS, WAS AND HAS BEEN TERRORIST LANDS for YEARSSSSSSSSSSSSS.

    You almost convinced me here, but you didn’t add enough letters “S” to the word “year.”

    You were really, really close, though.

    Remember: only an irresponsible fuckwit willingly enters into a situation that might possibly turn out wrong. Now if y’all will excuse me, I’m going to get into my 4,000-pound car and drive it at speeds in excess of 60 mph in order to do my job.

    Please do not bring up stupid statistics like “number of Americans killed in Lebanon” versus “number of Americans killed in car accidents” and use that to assume I’m somehow being a hypocrite for insulting Mrs. Cavanaugh’s recklessness.

  27. Again Jennifer your point seems to be having no point or counter point at all, just a ramble into some direction that does not fit the issue.

    You and all your KIN are free to carry your happy ass’s anyplace they will let you in and I am all for that. Just don’t wonder why your kin and y’all are in a pickle when you realize the place you wanted to go is suddenly the place you want to leave. Just a little fore thought into the travel plans for such regions of the globe might clue someone in as to the likely dangers. But then I would be assuming clueless twits that would go to such places to begin with have the common sense of reasoned thinking.

    As for your car analogy attempt I would think your likelyhood of being killed in a car is almost the same anywhere in the world as it is here. However, if I think about my odds of being surrounded and killed by terrorists here the odds are much less likely. The danger to life from the car does not leave the car no matter where its physical location on earth, as physics applies even to Muslims. Yet the muslims are a danger to life more so in some parts of the world than others. Perhaps you should take a muslim cab ride through Iraq and double your odds of dying in a car from a terrorists IED.

  28. “My wife and kids are (according to our most recent phone conversation) on a plane from Cyprus to the United States now.”


  29. This is some really good news.
    Here’s wishing for a happy re-union for the Cavanaugh family!

  30. Excellent news!
    Take a couple of days off Tim, The last week or so must have been hell.

  31. All the best to Tim and his Family.

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