Attn, DC Denizens: Celebrate To the People's 1st B-day This Wed.


Has it really just been a year since To the People launched, asking "What the fuck?…Does the world really need another libertarian blog?"

To my mind, To the People is one of the best damn blogs mentioned in this sentence anywhere on the World Wide Web–and that's not just because the vice-lovin', civil-liberties-supportin', largely though not completely anonmyous crew over there gave Reason a shout-out in its statement of purpose (though to be honest, that sort of ass-kissing doesn't hurt).

In any case, To the People is celebrating its one-year anniversary this Wednesday at 7pm at Madam's Organ in Adams Morgan. Check out the details here.

And many happy returns to the To the People crew.

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  1. “Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan”?

  2. “Madam’s Organ in Adams Morgan”?

    Not to be confused with original Madam’s Organ, where the Bad Brains, Teen Idles and others used to play… So leave your bondage pants at home, and don’t invite gay-bashers Wendell and Lefty.

  3. Uhh, not to get all gossipy on this blog, but I’m pretty certain Lefty’s fully out of the closet now, and not really hanging out in the scene. Definitely not bashing any gays at Madam’s Organ.

  4. Our goal is to knock down the normal level of discourse found at most libertarian blogs by at least a few notches. Lowbrow, if you will.

    Just wondering where the highbrow libertarian sites are.

  5. Hit & Run is pretty darn highbrow. According to Google, the word “anodyne” has been used here no fewer than 13 times.

  6. OK, besides Cato.

  7. And we’re multilingual. I’ve seen schadenfreude used at Hit & Run at least fifty times. I think I’ve seen ?bermensch, too.

    And we’re friggin’ Latin scholars. I’ve seen more references to “Romans going home” here than on any other blog. Must be a common Latin teacher or something. Small world.

  8. Scholars of political science will be forever indebted to To the People for having had the chutzpah to offer the first mainstream-y recognition of America’s new decisive political “de-meth-graphic,” the Jager Mom (umlaut withheld as per request.)

    Please join me as I “do a shot” in honor of Jenna Bush and America’s Sweetheart, late, great Paul Lynde. – JVLaB

  9. Get to know your future ex-wife, America, right here:

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