The Coarsening of American Culture Proceeds Apace


Cohabitation is now legal in North Carolina. (Marriage alarmists, take heart: As we know, marriage won't die until more people are encouraged to get hitched.) According to the ACLU of North Carolina, the law against "lewd and lascivious association" has been used to "deny compensation to crime victims, child custody, health benefits, probation and parole."


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  1. Libertarians, take note: Judith Rich Harris is part of the reason we can confidently oppose family-values statism.

  2. Cool, that only took 201 years. That means around 603 years from now, you may be able to grow a plant in your backyard for personal consumption.

  3. I don’t have a problem with cohabiters. It’s the illegal ones that we have to deal with.

    I mean, it’s the illegals that are causing all the trouble.

  4. Next up: Florida

    Holy crap! I sure do know a lot of criminals. 🙂

  5. Issac,
    In the same chapter is the “Lewd and Lacivious” law as well. Pretty much, if isn’t straight missionary intercourse, it’s a misdemeanor.

  6. “hey darlin’, what do you say we go back to my place and get felonious ….if you know what I mean”

  7. Pretty much, if isn’t straight missionary intercourse, it’s a misdemeanor.

    Holy crap!!! Is there anybody who isn’t a criminal?

  8. You know, regarding all these blue laws: Did anyone acutally think they could ever have been enforced when they were written?

  9. Huh? These laws were often strictly enforced in the past. Neighbors were often the ones that turned people in. (There have always been moralizing busybodies.) Public humiliation was often the punishment for this sort of “crime”. Have you ever heard of the stocks?

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