Attn, NYC Reasonoids, Hit & Run Reader Gathering Tomorrow, July 22


From smacky:

There will be a NYC Hit and Run gathering on the evening of Saturday, July 22nd.

The gathering will be at 6pm at Revival Bar, located at 129 E. 15th Street, NYC. The bar website is

Among many other refinements, Revival features an outdoor heated smoking garden patio!

All Hit and Run commenters, lurkers, and Reason staff are welcome to attend! We are hoping for a really big turnout and a really good time. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I hope I can make it.

  2. I hope I can make it.

  3. It’ll be easy to spot the lurkers. They’ll be standing in the corners, not drinking or talking, just watching and , you know, lurking.

  4. If somebody is willing to purchase for me a round trip ticket from ANC I will be happy to make it. Otherwise, I guess it will wait until next time or maybe the time after that.

  5. I’d be nice if someone would bring a decent camera with them. It’s fun to put faces with names and to find out just how wildly out of synch with reality your mental image of our friends here at H&R.

  6. TWC—

    JD took pictures of us at our last gathering, and he said he’ll attend tomorrow so I’m guessing he’ll bring his camera with him.

    Jeff and I will be there, though we’ll have to leave semi-early because I’m working Sunday.

  7. …heated smoking garden patio!

    The smoke indicates to me that they might oughtta turn down the therma-stat!

  8. In case you were wondering, I won’t be there. But if you want me to get plastered at a local bar as a show of solidarity, just say the word.

  9. I may even get plastered at home in a show of solidarity.

  10. I was planning on heading to New Jersey tomorrow, but it looks like that just fell through, so I might be able to make it. As it is, there’s almost never a bad excuse for a day-trip to Manhattan.

  11. I’m with Sandy. I’ll pick up a growler* of Coffee Porter from a local brewer to join in!

    *a growler is a 64oz jug filled from the tap.

  12. Mmmm…frozen tundra coffee porter…gaaaahhhh

  13. I’m looking forward to cyber-steaking youse.

  14. Anyone else going. I think I’ll stop by for a few.

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