Don't Forget to Visit Me Over at Wonkette…


…which has an even shittier Web server than Hit & Run!

I'm guest-blogging all week over at Wonkette, which promises "politics for people with dirty minds." So far, I've risen to the challenge with posts referencing Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum, Norman O. Brown and Danny Thomas (nothing gets dirtier than that duo), the Ann Coulter panty flash, Kerry Howley's Kim Jong Il bit here, and much, much less.

Don't delay–get thee to Wonkette and enjoy a truly slow server already…

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11 responses to “Don't Forget to Visit Me Over at Wonkette…

  1. How do we look for your posts? I’ve done “Find” searches for both “Gillespie” and “Reason” on Wonkette’s opening page and I don’t get anything.

  2. Looks kinda like wonkette doesn’t do bylines, unless I’m missing something.

  3. I just hope this doesn’t interfere with your training schedule for tomorrow’s main event against Jonah Goldberg.

    Remember Nick:
    Strike first. Strike hard. Show no mercy.
    Don’t fuck it up.

  4. If the server gets any slower, we’ll all end up going backward in time.

  5. The server may be slow, but the site sure looks a lot better. No carpet-humping guy, for starters.

  6. Mike:

    There’s no carpet-humping guy here. At least, not if you run Firefox and nuke his rump with AdBlock.


  7. Shouldn’t a wonkette have breasts?

    When Ann Marie Cox left, I thought the name should have been changed to Wonkers or maybe Wankers.

  8. Kevin,

    I’m thinking of AdBlocking the Absinthe ad, too. It’s too tempting.

  9. How many hoops do I have to jump through before I can post a comment on that site?

  10. Ken, it ain’t who ya know, it’s who ya…..

  11. Don’t Forget to Visit Me Over at Wonkette…
    …which has an even shittier Web server than Hit & Run!

    A ha! Now we know the real reason you want us to visit over there. You want us to be brainwashed into thinking we have it good over here with H&R’s squirrelly server.

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