The Tubes Are Full of Ted Stevens!


Sen. Ted Stevens' (R-Alaska) skepticism about net neutrality regulation may be a good thing, but as Dave Weigel noted last week, his comprehension of how the Internet works seems a little more Flintstones-esque that one might like in someone who wields massive regulatory power over that "series of tubes." (Maybe legislators and judges who are at least conscious of their own ignorance about the Internet will be somewhat more willing to treat it with benign neglect?)

Well, like that Internet that took a few days to make it to the good senator from his staffers, the full force of the mockery due needed a few days to get revved up, but now it's flying down the tubes in abundance. There's video of Jon Stewart's Daily Show take at Wired blogger Ryan Singel's 27B Stroke 6. And the Ted Stevens Fan Club page at MySpace features a charming little ditty, "The Internet Is a Series of Tubes."