Lord of the Blings


It's looking increasingly like a sure thing that Ayn Rand's scrappy band of multi-millionaire underdogs will finally make it to the big screen within the next few years. Erstwhile colleague David M. Brown of Laissez Faire Books has the scoop, including news that to accomodate the epic scope of Atlas Shrugged, it will be filmed as a trilogy. Given the way Rand broke the book up, that raises the intriguing possibility that audiences will be queued up for summer blockbusters titled Non-Contradiction, Either-Or, and A is A. I will gladly pay cash money—and possibly even gold bullion—to hear a trailer with Peter Cullen growling, basso profundo, "This summer… the movie event you've been waiting for… Non-Contradiction!" Let's just hope they have the good sense to reserve the extended Galtalogue for a DVD extra.