Let's Drink, Drink, This Blog Is So Great


Commenter "Apostate Jew" offered up the rules for a Hit and Run drinking game a few days back; I figure it's only fair to let everyone play. Additional rule suggestions welcome in the comments. Here it is:

Hit and Run Drinking Game, TM

This games can be played alone, in a virtual group (players sit at they computers and communicate by telephone, texting, IM, etc. or—only for experts—by posting on the blog) or in a live group at a private house or in a public house (bar).

Drinks are hereafter defined as 6 ounces of beer, a 1.5 ounce shot, a glass of wine*, or anything the self-described libertarian thinks it should be (it's still a semi-free fucking country, goddamit).


1. All Drink

a. Whenever Godwin is invoked.
b. Whenever Hayek is invoked.
c. Whenever "marius" uses a capital letter.

2. Women Drink

a. Whenever someone wonders, "Why aren't more women libertarian?"
b. Whenever a female poster comments on bras, pregnancy, body image or other women's issues.

3. Men Drink

a. Whenever a man explains, "There aren't more women libertarians because …"
b. Whenever a poster comments on his homosexuality.

4. Religious Believers Drink

a. Whenever their own religious beliefs are attacked.
b. Whenever they attack another sect's religious beliefs.

5. Employees of the State Drink

a. Whenever someone other than themselves defend an act of the state.

6. Atheists Drink

a. Whenever religious beliefs are characterized as "stupid", "irrational", "scary", etc.
b. Whenever an uncalled for attack on Mormons is made.

7. Pedants Drink

a. Whenever the spelling or grammatical mistakes of others are mocked.

7. "Real" Libertarians Drink

a. Whenever they feel like it.

8. Adding Rules

a. Only anarcho-capitalists can "officially" add rules. All others can add rules either by personal fiat or by mutual agreements not involving fraud or coercion.
b. Rule disputes are to be resolved by the diktat of the poster known as "Ruthless".

9. Winning

a. As the amount of inebriation must increase and cannot decrease below sober, everybody wins (it's not a zero-sum game).

10. Safety Considerations

a. It is strongly recommended that players not handle loaded guns, drive, swim, boat, fly or supervise children while playing the game.

*The poster known as "The Wine Commonsewer" can advise you on the proper wine.