Bogota Hates Spanish-Language Billboards


Bogota, New Jersey, that is:

A Spanish-language billboard promoting iced coffee is getting a chilly reception from some Bogota officials.

Mayor Steve Lonegan said the McDonald's billboard on River Road near Elm Avenue and the railroad overpass is offensive because it sends the message that Spanish speakers and immigrants do not need to learn how to speak English.

"English is the language that binds us as a community and as a country," Lonegan said Thursday. "This billboard says, 'You Hispanics can't learn English, so we're going to put up this sign.' It's really sending the wrong message."

Dunno any Spanish myself, but it always chaps my ass to hear an Irishman speaking the language of the colonial overlord. Think I'll go listen to some Van Morrison now.

Tip o' the hat to jp.