Next stop: Timeshares on Uranus


All right, all you far-out space nuts: Here's a visual and riddle. I got these images from the indispensable Ernest Hancock. I have no idea where he got them:

Now riddle me this: Is the sun really this small? I'm surprised that you can see Earth, let alone fleet Mercury, in the sun-scale picture. Shouldn't there be a legend in the corner that says something in the neighborhood of, Sun is shown at 1/500th scale?

Because if this really is the correct proportion, I say we could build a Dyson Sphere, or at least a complete Ringworld, in no time flat.

Update: Jeff P outgrooves these pictures by hipping us to the The Maine Solar System Model, built by the People of Aroostook County, Maine. Grok relative scale and distance while enjoying beautiful Pine Tree State views as you drive 40 miles on Highway 1 from Presque Isle to Houlton.