Humorless In Uniform


Gaza fashionistas roll out the new summer line: U.S. Army uniforms.


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  1. Maybe Osama stated the trend with his BDU field jacket but we stopped wearing OG 107s 20 years ago – get with the program Hamas.

  2. TJ beat me to it – that kind of jacket hasn’t been worn by the U.S. Army for some time. I have to applaud that kid’s fashion sense, though. OD is by far the coolest color ever invented.

    For those of you who, like me, hate jeans and love BDU pants: BDU CLEARANCE SALE!!!!!!

  3. I have to imagine that this Knockoff Army gear is made in China; a country where they love pork products, beer, atheism and equal rights for women. (Not in that order.)

  4. That is straight fucked up.

  5. In other news, a neo-Nazi group has chosen “Springtime for Hitler” as its official theme song.

  6. So now do they count as uniformed soldiers under Geneva?

  7. No, the summary execution fans would say that they are obviously disguised for purposes of infiltration and should be shot like Germans who wore American uniforms to sneak across enemy lines at the Battle of the Bulge.

  8. They want to dress like soldiers while in an active war zone?

    Darwin Award.

    Evidently these boys consider the US Army pretty good. Everybody wants to immitate a winner. Maybe the US is not doing so badly in Iraq after all.

  9. Similarly, Abu Sim, a rank and file gunman in the Popular Resistance Committees’ armed wing, has wrapped the barrel of his Kalashnikov with desert camouflage padding, another nod to US military fashion.

    “I saw a US Marine sniper on TV doing the same thing,” he says. “It’s natural to copy the US military because they are powerful and so are we.”

    Of course they are so good they are defeating the Israelis in every encounter and have recently demanded a truce from the Israelis. Who have politely declined.

    Begging a truce. After only two weeks of fighting. Them boys are real powerful.

    They got the war they wanted. As usual it is not going well for them. This time the USA has not called off the Israeli dogs.

    When the Palis lose all hope the war will be over.

  10. To fix the Middle East one side or the other must be utterly defeated.

    I vote for a Palestinian defeat.

  11. “It’s a show of force, because the US army is powerful. It’s a symbol of strength and of our refusal to put down arms.”

    That does, to my surprise, at least hint that the US military doesn’t look weakened in the eyes of some in the middle east.

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