Ted Kennedy Is No Hypocrite By at Least a Month


Via AtlanticBlog comes a link to this Wash Times story about Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) grilling President Bush's nominee to the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, Oklahoma lawyer Jerome A. Holmes. Holmes, it turns out, belonged to the Men's Dinner Club of Oklahoma City, which banned women from joining; the nominee only ditched his membership in February of this year:

Documents provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee and obtained by The Washington Times show that Mr. Holmes belonged to the Men's Dinner Club of Oklahoma City but quit after expressing interest in becoming a federal judge.

Mr. Holmes told the committee in writing that he never perceived the dining club to harbor any bias toward women but he resigned to clear up any appearances of impropriety…."I recognized in February 2006 that some might perceive the Men's Dinner Club as being an improper organization of the kind discussed above. That was unacceptable to me."

If Holmes is a craven opportunist, the Wash Times gets in a good laugh or three at Teddy K's expense too. From the same story:

Just six months after quitting the all-male social club to which he belonged for 50 years, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy is questioning one of President Bush's nominees to the federal bench about his membership in an all-male dining club….

In January, Mr. Kennedy quit the Owl Club after The Washington Times revealed his continued membership in the fraternitylike organization for Harvard University's select male students and alumni.

Mr. Kennedy's ties to the Owl Club came to light after he interrogated Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito Jr. over his association with Concerned Alumni of Princeton, a group founded to combat campus liberalism at Princeton University.

Judge Alito's affiliation "with an organization that fought the admission of women into Princeton calls into question his appreciation of the need for full equality in this country," the Massachusetts Democrat said during the January hearings.

Mr. Kennedy's Owl Club was booted off Harvard's campus in 1984 for its refusal to allow women to join.

Whole bit here.

Kennedy devolution documented here.

Can Teddy blame his hypocrisy on Ambien? Or at least his moidalizing of Barack Obama's name in January? Paging Zad Rust!


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  1. I have elsewhere proposed the the term “congressman” could be used interchangeably with “goatfucker.” As an extension to that thought, I propose that the term “Teddy Kennedy” could be used interchangeably with “Goatfucker Extraordinaire.”

    HNRers from Taxachussetts – can any of you explain to me just how in the blazing puss-dripping hell this drunken, lying, festering embarrassment of a girl-killer has continued to be re-elected, year after year?

    No, really. I’d love to hear even a semi-rational explantion.

  2. Sorta like the Bushies. Keep getting elected and won’t go away. And there’s so many of them. Knock down one and three take their place. So rich nobody ever has to have a real job.

    Anyway I don’t get why a dude would go somewhere that was an intentional sausage fest.

  3. The hell with all men’s clubs.
    What I’m on the lookout for is an all women’s club that will let Herrick and me in.
    Woo hoo hoo!
    I’m willing to pay dues up to, but not exceeding the annual subscription fee for Reason magazine.
    Herrick, are you in?

  4. Not to cut Teddy any slack, but can we have another source verify this other than the Moonie Times?

  5. I’d love to hear even a semi-rational explantion.

    Less shit brought back home. It would take a freshman Senator that replaces him half a century to have enough pull to bring home as much shit as he can today.

  6. How dare you question his actions, fourty years ago his brothers were killed!

  7. And it was Camelot before then! Camelot I tell you! Oh, the promise of the bright future we had! The whiz kids were going to bring us a new utopia! All wrongs would be righted! The poor would be rich! Water would flow uphill! Cook county ballots would burn! Has anybody here seen my old friend John?!

  8. Hypcrisy is a good thing. Just read Jeremy Lott’s book. 🙂

  9. In reference to reading Lott’s book. Just don’t read it at work (I’m a Quality Software Assurance engineer at a defense company. I had to watch people all week with the government for formal testing. So yes, I read at work sometimes). The reason I say this is because I was reading Reason Magazine and the guy next to me asked what it was. I told him I am one of the proud 50,000 subscribers. He said “Be careful man you could loose your clearance for belonging to a kook origination.” I couldn’t stop laughing.

  10. There is much raw material here:
    Ted Kennedy
    Sir Osis of Liver

    I yield to Stevo Darkly.

  11. Third time trying to post this. Have I been banned?

    Anyway, for all the Kennedy bashing on this blog, I can’t recall ever seeing an attack on Teddy for his hypocritical efforts to derail the offshore wind farm proposed off the Cape Cod coast.

    Kennedy, obvious hypocrisy, throwint up regulatory roadblocks to stop an innovative technology, and yet for some (wholly incomprehensible) reason, it doesn’t get mentioned.

    Sort of like how all the articles about housing costs avoid discussing large lot, single-family zoning.

    Or how the “Republican War on Science” posts never mentioned Global Warming.

    Silence can be deafening.

  12. What, exactly, is so wrong with snooty politicians belonging to snooty men-only clubs?

  13. Ted Kennedy has a wind farm in his pants…heh heh

  14. I hear that Ted Kennedy also belongs to another subversive organization with an all-male hierarchy. While he publicly flouts its policies, he steadfastly maintains a nominal membership. I wish he’d leave that club too.

  15. joe:

    Or how the “Republican War on Science” posts never mentioned Global Warming.

    Cuz skepticism concerning anthropogenic warming is consistent with the scientific evidence. (Different thread; same fight)

    Off topic, but in that thread, you said that you quit some planners’ association cuz of their position on the Kelo decision. What is that position?

  16. Rick, you can flatter James Inhofe with the honorific “skeptic” if you wish. You can even pretend that the denialist game consists merely of scrutinizing the data harder than, well, the overwhelming majority of the planet’s climate scientists, rather than waging an I.D. style campaign against unwanted scientific progress. (Did you see that the White House scrubbed two satellites that would have aided the study of climate last week?) It doesn’t make the McCarthyite war on climate science Inhofe’s waging any more defensible. Nor the White House’s. This is precisely the politicized, anti-science, anti-scientist, faith-based hanky-panky that Reason is always on about, but they just let it slide in this case.

    As for the APA, I didn’t dispute their position, that redevelopment takings are a public use, so much as object to their lack of interest in putting forward a dependable solution to the problems highlighted by the New London case. They argued the Mill Acts and Berman and all of that, which is quite correct, and then just left it at that. It was an abdication.

  17. Ted Kennedy is quite simply a perfect politician.
    Now that is scary!

  18. joe, weren’t Kennedy’s not-in-my-backyard efforts mentioned here? I could swear that I first read about it in Reason a few months back. I suppose it could’ve been a commenter’s post–I don’t really remember for sure.

  19. joe, weren’t Kennedy’s not-in-my-backyard efforts mentioned here?

    I know I have seen them mentioned in comments at various times…and I vaguely remember a blog post about it, but I am not as confident about that

  20. I’ve mentioned the issue in the comments a few times.

    I don’t recall any blog posts.

  21. “I can’t recall ever seeing an attack on Teddy for his hypocritical efforts to derail the offshore wind farm proposed off the Cape Cod coast.”

    Think, Joe… turn your mind back…..



    “Why did the environmental lobby object to large solar plants in the middle of the desert?”

    For the same reason that a certain bloated dipsomaniac objected to an offshore windfarm in the waters adjacent to Cape Cod.

    Comment by: P Brooks at July 3, 2006 05:20 PM

  22. why doesn’t somebody just go ahead and post it here?

    what was up with kennedy and those wind factories/

  23. Is Kennedy still a member of the (all-male) Knights of Columbus?

  24. According to the President of the United States, Senator Ted Kennedy is the conservative senator from Massachusetts. Is there anybody that likes that guy?

  25. “Is there anybody that likes that guy?”

    The Wobbly Party representative from Rhode Island. Maybe.

  26. P Brooks,

    I do recall that comment, but I was referring to posts from the Reason staff.

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