Happy Birthday, Mr. President


In honor of GWB's 60th, I suggest baking a yellow cake.

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  1. These colors don’t run. They just serve in the national guard.

  2. How about this-you bake a white cake, I’ll make it yellow.

  3. Can I give him a urinal cake?

  4. Yum, yellowcake. Niger’s gift to world cuisine!

  5. Must be an error in the code of the “We’re Libertarian, We’re Pragmatic” thread, because even after a wait of some hours, the comment server still won’t come up, but it came up right away in the NJ shutdown thread. So I’m hijacking this thread to post what I wanted to in “We’re Libertarian”:

    Unity ’08 is the latest manifestation of the kind of wishful thinking in politics that started to come to prominence in this country (it goes on elsewhere too) around 1990. (Look up Gordon Black.) If we can just put aside our partisanship and look at problems objectively, we can “solve” them. Yeah. So try to put in power people who focus on means rather than agreeing on ends, and it’ll all work out in the end.

    Here in NY the Independence Party (a product of that thinking) has by far the 3rd biggest enrollment of political parties, in a crowded field, and it also has gotten the 3rd greatest number of votes for governor.

  6. Yum, yellowcake. Niger’s gift to world cuisine!

    Oh, Niger please!

  7. I’ve got it in this special CIA napkin.

  8. Psst, you didn’t hear it from me, but Julian only posted this because his wife got him the gig. His wife, who shall remain nameless…

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