A New Trend In Environmentalist Protests?


WARNING: The links are probably not appropriate for many offices.

Taking a cue from John Lennon's and Yoko Ono's famous anti-war "bed-in", activists (?) from a new environmentalist group, F**ckforforest, engages in public sex to bring attention to the state of the world's rainforests. In their call for additional "models" the activists suggest "live like animals, just being a part of nature, celebrating life." This kind of protest is so much more entertaining than hanging banners from nuclear power plants.


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  1. Brilliant! “Hey babe…I’m really worried about the rainforest, but there’s something we can do about it….”
    You gotta love it.

    By the way, aren’t environmentalists always warning of overpopulation? This ain’t gonna help.

  2. This happened years ago.

  3. Their website says they are “reclaiming sexuality”. Who had claimed it?

  4. Give new meaning to the phrase, “I hate those fucking environmentalists.”

  5. “live like animals, just being a part of nature, celebrating life.”

    Too bad they don’t retreat to nature and leave the rest of us alone. Hypocrits. I’d so dearly like them to die of (now) easily treatable diseases and wounds because of “living like animals”.

    Am I being too cruel? Nah, they try to use government to coerce us from improving the welfare of mankind via freer markets. Screw ’em.

  6. Two points: As one poster already noted this story is not new. The dateline clearly puts it in 2004.

    Also, I’m not sure the NSFW warning was necessary. Reason is currently already running an ad on the Hit and Run blog by some guy humping his floor so it we’re already in NSFW territory before we hit the link.

  7. Funny, the site looks like a thinly veiled pretext for a second rate porn site.

  8. IW: You’re right–the story is two years old. That’ll teach me to read more carefully the emails I get from a certain unnamed journalism society’s listserv. I hope you find the blogpost edifying in any case.

  9. By the way..the guy humping the floor is a world class marial artist demonstrating his workout routine. I highly recommend it for any bloggers who finaly realize the reason they can’t get out of their seat isn’t just because of all the caramel popcorn stuck to their chair. You may find the movement a bit odd but it beats the Jane Fonda routine or the “body by x-box” look that’s becoming so fashionable.

  10. First of all, Thank You for linking to Annie Sprinkles site. She is one of our cultures unsung heroes.

    I myself have been Masturbating for peace.

  11. Warren:


  12. God, I love being Norwegian…

  13. I see potential here…

    “Gee, Mr. Environmentalist, can I ‘save the rain forest’ with that hot brunette you’re with?”

    “Sure duuuude, that will be a $100 dollar per hour donation to the cause.”

    When it comes to every other means I can imagine to raise money for ecological protection, this may not be among the least coercive and the most fun!

  14. No cum for Oil!

  15. That could almost convert me to environmentalism.

  16. Their website says they are “reclaiming sexuality”. Who had claimed it?

    Let’s say…the corporations? They’re pretty evil I think.

    This website probably marks the 500th time or so that I’ve said “Goddamn hippies!” out loud. I like that.

  17. I see that their webmasters are a little light of weight in the spelling and grammar department. Eh well. Maybe there will be some babes on the site… there’s clearly little going on upstairs, let’s take a look downstairs.

  18. Their website says they are “reclaiming sexuality”. Who had claimed it?

    As I’m at work, I can’t look at the nekkid folks, but if they’re hippies, I’m gonna say, “from those sick freaks who bathe”.

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